Energetica Photovoltaic Industries – The Smarter Form of Energy

What makes a high-quality photovoltaic module? Maximum output? Longest lifespan? Of course. But we want more. More ideas per watt generated from sunlight. They ensure that the technology not only appeals to our minds but also our hearts.

Using our patented e.ISP Technology®, we are still increasing the energy yield compared to conventional modules even after many years of operation. As a result, we can offer you an honest performance warranty of 86% after 25 years with a clear conscience.
We rely on a highly robust stacking and packaging system developed by our engineers to ensure that our tested quality arrives with you safe and sound.

We use it to transport our modules securely to their destination and with no micro-cracking stress, enabling us to guarantee the longest lifespan with a clear conscience.

This optimisation in lightweight design has allowed us to further reduce both weight and cost significantly.


List of Energetica photovoltaic modules

For further information on our current product portfolio, please refer to the data sheets below:

e.Basic P STC Performance 295 bis 305 Wp
e.Classic M STC Performance 310 bis 320 Wp
e.Classic M HC STC Performance 320 bis 330 Wp
e.Classic M HC black STC Performance 320 bis 330 Wp
e.Prime M HC black STC Performance 320 bis 330 Wp