History of Energetica Industries – important milestones of the group


IRMA Power GmbH, part of the IRMA Investments Group, acquires shares in Energetica Industries GmbH. It is planned to develop Liebenfels into a green energy hotspot and to create further jobs.


With its production facility opened in Carinthian Liebenfels in spring 2019, the company has the most technically advanced and potentially the most powerful production facility on the European continent. The Industry 4.0 plant is the largest production facility for solar modules in Europe in terms of capacity and one of the most modern plants worldwide.


Energetica invests in Europe’s largest and the world’s most modern photovoltaic module factory, operating to the Industry 4.0 standard. Future PV innovations are to be developed in an integrated research facility.


Simon is the first self-assembly mini power plant with which anyone can produce electricity anywhere and at any time. Simon can be mounted on balcony railings or set up on walls and patios.



Smartflower – the first all-in-one solar system for the garden – comes onto the market. Packaged in an extraordinary design, Smartflower follows the sun’s course using a GPS system which guarantees the highest possible energy yield.


Energetica Group grows by welcoming the Kogler Estate Group. An investor, who realized the potential and unique vision of the founder of Energetica, Rene Battistutti, and the bright future that lays ahead in creating affordable clean energy for everyone.


Expansion of production capacities by introducing additional equipment to produce special-made products. Energetica’s product portfolio is reinforced with new members: customer-specific, special-purpose photovoltaic modules.


Energetica supplies to the state-of-the-art King Abdullah Petroleum Studies and Research Center, in Riyadh, its premium special-purpose façade modules. The sophisticated design of the architect Dame Zaha Mohammad Hadid, who received the Pritzker Architecture Prize in 2004 and the UK’s most prestigious architectural award, the Stirling Prize, in 2010 and 2011, presented a great and exciting challenge for our module design and development department. Not only did we have to adopt the look, shape and aesthetics of the modules to the exquisite, futuristic appearance of the structure, but they had to be walkable on for easy maintenance.

After extensive design works, our brilliant experts and visionaries of the R&D put their minds together and came up with 700 different shapes of modules, that had to be blended into the façade system, creating thus a unique WORK of ART, still unbeatable in its beauty and functionality.


Expansion and partial automation of the production capacity on the Klagenfurt site to around 350,000m² per year.


Construction of one of the largest solar tracking photovoltaic power plants in the Navarre region (Spain) with a total capacity of 4.7 MWp. Energetica installs about 25,000 photovoltaic modules.


Production start of the E-2000 premium photovoltaic modules at the Energetica plant in Klagenfurt.


Implementation of a 420 kWp PV power plant in Blons/Vorarlberg (Austria), equipped with the Follow Sun system developed by Energetica.


Development of the innovative two-axis solar tracking system Follow Sun. Sensor-controlled alignment of the solar modules to the highest energy point optimises system efficiency.


Rene Battistutti founds the Energetica Group, inspired by his vision to provide clean and safe energy that is affordable for everyone. Guided by his passion to design products that represent a unique mix of four principles: beauty, ultimate performance, safety and durability, Rene embarks on a journey to achieve outstanding photovoltaic performance.