Our Sales Team

Advice is a matter of trust. Our top priority is your satisfaction, because Energetica strives for long-term customer relationships. Let us advise you competently and in detail. The sales and advisory team will be happy to help and advise you.We will find – together – the photovoltaic solution specially tailored to your needs.

If you have utility-scale project(s) worldwide and would like to use our advanced intelligent technology to boost the performance of the solar park and increase RoI, please send an email to: projects@energetica-pv.com

If you would like to become our consultant, be part of our International Special Advisors Team or become our Representative on the local market, please send an email to: representative@energetica-pv.com

Germany / Switzerland
Bernhard Kreil
Tel.: + 49 151 17 33 45 36
E-Mail: b.kreil@energetica-pv.com

Responsible for the following areas in Germany (by postcode): 8xxxx, 9xxxx, 0xxxx, 1xxxx, 2xxxx, 3xxxx

Heinrich Lochstampfer
Tel.: + 49 176 100 40 168
E-Mail: h.lochstampfer@energetica-pv.com

Responsible for the following areas in Germany (by postcode):  4xxxx, 5xxxx, 6xxxx, 7xxxx, 88xxx, 89xxx and Switzerland.

Country Manager Romania
Nicolae Bodea
Tel.: + 40 771 432 460
E-Mail: n.bodea@energetica-pv.com

Asian Markets
Ken Wang
Tel.: +86 188 61 22 88 60
E-Mail: q.wang@energetica-pv.com

Export Sales Manager
Dawid Rogiziński
Tel: +43 664 8459173
E-mail: d.rogizinski@energetica-pv.com

Back office
Maria Puschmann
Tel.: +43 4215 93 05 67 00
E-Mail: m.puschmann@energetica-pv.com