Elisabeth Köstinger visits the new Energetica plant in Liebenfels

Elisabeth Köstinger, former Federal Minister for Sustainability and Tourism, visited Energetica Photovoltaic Industries on 2 September 2019.

CEO Rene Battistutti took the opportunity to guide Ms. Köstinger through the band new production plant in Liebenfels.

Starting in September, over one gigawatt of solar module output will be manufactured each year. The Industry 4.0 production plant is also linked to a high-tech research and development centre.

In its fully completed state, Energetica’s new gigawatt plant will be a trendsetting zero emission factory. The company’s own photovoltaic power plant, with an output of 2.7 MWp (corresponding to the electricity requirement of around 900 households) and an appropriately dimensioned battery storage system, will generate the electricity required to supply module production. Additionally, by using its own process waste heat and that of the nearby biomass heating plant, all the energy will be generated on the production site itself.