Energetica awarded as Top Business Model 2020

pv magazine – the leading industry magazine – has awarded the new Energetica production site in Liebenfels the “Top Business Model” award 2020.

According to pv magazine Energetica consistently focuses on sustainability as the leitmotif of entrepreneurial trade and, as a company, is always looking for new ways to reduce CO2 emissions. An expert jury therefore awarded Energetica’s overall concept the title “pv magazine highlight top business model”.

And Energetica can rightly be proud of the new location! Production is completely climate-neutral. The previous measures already save around 1,100 tons of CO2 annually. To achieve this, Energetica draws around 400,000 kWh of electricity annually from its own small hydropower plant and around three million KWh from a photovoltaic system with a capacity of 2.7 MW, which was installed on the roof and facade of the production hall.

Energetica only uses modules that were produced at the Liebenfels location.

The two power plants cover around 80 percent of the annual electricity demand. Green electricity is only bought in during the night. With the upcoming investment in battery storage, this could also soon be a thing of the past.

Energetica relies on sustainable, climate-friendly solutions for mobility and goods transport – wherever possible. The entire vehicle fleet consists of Tesla electric vehicles. And there is a separate connection to the Austrian rail network right at the factory gates.

For Energetica, sustainability doesn’t stop at your own doorstep. The company has developed a patented solution for packaging its modules – e.STAK – which eliminates the need for corner packs. The film that is wrapped around the pallets is also made of biodegradable plastic.