Groundbreaking for the largest solar module production in Europe.

08/27/2018, Liebenfels

In a festive ceremony, Energetica Industries GmbH, together with representatives from politics and business, broke ground for the largest production plant for solar modules in Europe.With the construction of this high-tech gigawatt factory, with an annual output of more than one gigawatt of solar module output per year (corresponding to around 5 million m² / year), the world’s most technologically advanced solar production facility in Liebenfels / Carinthia arise to produce new-generation solar modules there. The almost 63,000 square meter industrial site in the new Power Business Park Liebenfels ( will not only have its own high-tech research and development center, but also several fully automated production lines in the Industry 4.0 standard for the new Energetica high-performance solar modules Generation.”With the new location Power Business Liebenfels (PBL), Energetica will produce the most powerful, beautiful, sustainable and intelligent solar modules in the world, and at prices where we can compete with Asian manufacturers in the global competition,” said the responsible CEO and founder of Energetica, Rene Battistutti in his speech.

The new Gigawatt factory from Energetica uses its own produced electricity: A photovoltaic system with a capacity of 2.7 MWp and a corresponding battery storage, as well as the use of its own process waste heat and the nearby bio-mass heating plant will provide the necessary energy for the entire production site and thus make the high-tech plant a real “zero emission factory” of the future.

New research and development center underlines Energetica’s technological leadership

The construction of the gigawatt factory at the new location enables the innovative producer Energetica to manufacture large quantities of standard photovoltaic modules and solar products for facades, roofs, walls, balconies and gardens inexpensively, as well as their own high-tech processes in the company’s own research and development center for the continuous development of new solar technologies and solar application products and to issue licenses for the new production technology.This means that even more companies that want to integrate solar technology into their own products but come from other industrial sectors can be supported with know-how and find support from the prototype idea to series production in the development center.

Energetica technology makes solar modules intelligent, powerful, durable and affordable

At the new location, Energetica will use state-of-the-art technology and great engineering skills to manufacture the longest-lasting, most powerful, most sustainable and most intelligent solar modules worldwide. For example, the new Energetica solar modules will deliver up to + 15% more power on the same area than current standard photovoltaic modules and intelligently detect shadows from e.g. surrounding buildings, trees or snow. Thanks to this innovative Energetica technology, the lifespan of the Energetica solar modules is significantly extended and thus produces a substantial additional yield for the users over the entire period of use of the solar modules.“Compared to conventional solar modules from other manufacturers, the energy production costs for 1 kWh of electricity from the sun can be reduced significantly (by up to 50%) with Energetica technology. This gives us the potential to play at the top of the world again in Austria. For users of our Energetica solar module technology, energy is cheaper than ever! “Says Rene Battistutti. Technology that was partly developed with the help of the Austrian research funding agencies FFG and KWF and the AIT Austrian Institute of Technology and brought to market maturity.


Energetica Industries GmbH is an Austrian solar technology company with its current headquarters and production facility in Klagenfurt / Austria. Energetica focuses exclusively on the manufacture and sale of photovoltaic products based on monocrystalline and multicrystalline PERC and HTJ solar cells, as well as bifacial glass-glass modules with bilateral energy generation or monofacial PERC and HTJ modules and any solar application products. The company has 23 years of experience in the production of standard photovoltaic modules and photovoltaic facades and roof solutions. As a trustworthy Austrian manufacturer for everything from photovoltaics to design – integration of photovoltaic modules in special and application products such as the plug & play PV module “simon” ( the “Smartflower” ( the “CUBOX” ( or die Solar e-bike and mobile phone charging stations ( are considered by Energetica with around 30 employees – as the leading specialist in the manufacture of photovoltaic modules. With the new gigawatt factory, Energetica is now the largest manufacturer in Europe and the most modern and innovative worldwide. The amounts invested in research and development over the past few years have resulted in investments in the double-digit million range being realized at the new PBL location. With Energetica, Liebenfels will be the sunniest place in Europe.


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