Photovoltaic innovation on the roof

While previously customary photovoltaic systems have limited their performance to the module level, Energetica has developed a new, smart PV technology that enables performance-optimized results at the cell string level.

For the development of the new photovoltaic module manufacturing process, the Austrian company Energetica benefits from more than 20 years of experience in the planning and production of standard photovoltaic modules and system components: “We have developed very extensively. In cooperation with the Austrian Institute of Technology in Vienna, the manufacturing process and the implemented electronic components were also tested – with outstanding results that surprised even me, ”enthuses Ing. Rene Battistutti, CEO Energetica Industries GmbH.

The manufacture of the new PV module has been considerably simplified, the cycle time in production increased: the new processing process simplifies and speeds up the wiring of the cells, which means that the previous use of complex cross-connection machines can be reduced to the essentials. This reduces the need for machines, making full automation easier, which saves costs and energy.

Thanks to the separate control and optimization of the individual solar cell strings in the PV module, customers achieve a higher energy yield than with conventional modules – even in the case of shadowing.
The Energetica experts also extended the lifespan of the PV modules with the new manufacturing process: Even after 25 years of natural aging, the PV modules still achieve 96.3 percent of their original output. This leads to a significant increase in yield in full sun, but above all also with partial shading (e.g. due to closer row spacing on flat roofs, snow, dirt, trees, smoke traps, facades, etc.). The company based in Klagenfurt (Carinthia) is thus further expanding its core competence in the PV sector.

Especially for systems for single-family houses and special products, Energetica remains the leading brand when it comes to PV modules of the highest quality, performance and design level.