Simon 2.0

Simon 2.0 is your mini power plant that produces electricity for you anywhere, anytime. Thanks to its handy size, you don’t even need a roof or a garden. A balcony or terrace is enough!

In three steps to home-made energy: unpack, set up and plug in and simon converts sunlight into electricity that directly supplies your household.

RevolutionaryIn an electricity market dominated by large energy suppliers, simon helps you achieve a piece of independence. Because producing your own electricity not only means saving money, but also participating in a revolution towards a democratic, self-determined energy system.
SmartWith a peak output of 200 watts, Simon 2.0 gains enough power to: cook 1 lunch for 3 people. Electricity for charging 4 iPads or smartphones, one hour of Simon electricity for over 30 printed double pages, electricity for 15 months of washing machine.
SimpleHang up – plug in – produce electricity. It can be that simple. Putting simon into operation is as easy as charging your smartphone. And when you move, you easily take it with you in your luggage.
FeaturesWith a peak output of 200 watts, Simon 2.0 produces enough power to cook 1 lunch for 3 people or to charge 4 iPads or smartphones. One hour of Simon provides electricity for over 30 printed double pages; Simon 2.0 is able to generate enough electricity to keep your washing machine going for 15 month in total.